Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Read Harder 2017: Running Post

Last year I did a bunch of reading challenges and have since decided that keeping up with them was too much of a chore. I do plan to do a few Readathons throughout the year but Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge is the only reading challenge that I’ve officially decided to do for 2017, though Book Riot recently posted the 59 Book Fandom reading challenge that I might check in with unofficially and I haven't decided about participating in the Review Diverse Books challenge, yet. As a blogging challenge specifically, that one would be a new thing for me. Appealing or terrifying? Hard to say!

Anyway, theoretically, this post will be my running list of books that I read to complete the challenge. I've paricipated the last three years, failing by two categories (THE HARD ONES!) each time. This year, I've teamed up with other local readers to meet each month to talk about two categories to encourage me to get those books read. 

Here's the official Book Riot Link

Here's the PDF you can download to play along

Sarah (over at Sarah Says Read) and I went through the the 24 tasks and paired them based on "easiness." Hard tasks were basically those that might require more research to know if it will work, be harder to find, or have more difficult content. We tried to pair each hard task with an "easy" task and put all the hard tasks earlier in the year. Here's how it came out and my running log:

My plan is to post about the books the group reads and recommends each month. We'll see how long that lasts! This graphic will hopefully take you to see other Read Harder Roc posts as I post them... (today it's just going to be this post.) 

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