Friday, July 7, 2017

Three on a Theme: Books I Recently Cried Over

Alright! Three books for when you feel the need to wipe tears off your face. I would say that these books, like all books, probably hit people in very different ways depending on their own lives. For each, I had overwhelming needs to stop reading and text my children.

I've also noticed that for myself, an adult who often reads YA, I tend to notice the adults (and their behavior) in a story much more so that I actively attended to as a younger reader. And I really think about how important it is to have good adult representation in books.

Speaking of, they each get a wee #WNDB sticker from me!
TWO BOYS KISSING book, told from the omnipresent perspective of the previous generation of gays (men), tells the story of several present- generation gay adolescents in different stages of coming out, relationships, and self-acceptance. The almost- unifying story is of two boys who are attempting to break the world record for longest kiss.

It's a great book with many stories and many thoughtful reflections from the elders to the youngers.

Because there are so many people to get to know, it was hard for me to remember which name belonged to which story/ character. This was especially true for couples that were introduced together: “now which one was Craig?” It got a bit easier as the book when on.

This is a meaningful book. It's a short book but don't read it in a rush. I wonder if there is a comparable story with lesbians? Anyone have suggestions?

GOODBYE DAYS is the story of a teen who recently lost his three best friends to an car accident for which he feels responsible. His emotional stability is understandably rocked and he spends time with each friend’s family who are all at various stages of their own grief.

I wonder how I would have felt about this when I was a teenager. But there's a lot of great here: the characters, the therapist, the messages about safe driving, diversity (a black guy, the Korean best friend, a gay kid, mental health rep). And really a great message about honoring the people we love when they're gone.

NOT MY FATHER'S SON is a memoir of the actor’s life growing up with an abusive father on a farm in Scotland and how he comes to find a family and love for himself. He reads the audiobook.

I read this one a while back so I am a little worried that I won't do a proper description much justice. But I can say that there are several scenes that have stuck with me and that I have talked about with others. I know who Alan Cumming was before reading this and am so glad that he was able to share both his story but also his more adult interpretations of his story with the world.

Honorable mention to The Outsiders, which I just talked about in a post last month, so feels like I should shut up about.

Oh! Please note that I didn't make any of these book/ quote graphics but found them through general google search of the book title.

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