Thursday, July 27, 2017

July Recap, Part 2: Shows

It might seem a little early for a July wrap up post, it’s only the 26th. But I figured I would write it while the mood was upon me. And I’m going to split it up a little between books I’ve read (posted yesterday) and shows I’ve seen. So this is part 2 – Shows!

I am currently performing in Rumpelstiltskin, a cute little family show about a baker who brags to a queen about his daughter's fake ability to spin straw. A magical dwarfy little guy spins the gold and wants the girl's baby but agrees to forget the whole thing if she can guess his name.
Now, I know that most of you know what Rumpelstiltskin is, but there are a few people who have asked me or have gotten it mixed up with a different story (Rip Van Winkle!?) ... and I'm all... WHAT!? But, never mind. Anyway, my character is like the prop master. And... I'm mute! It's a super silly show but its interactive with the audience and the kids LOVE it! I would post some pics with kids after the show but I don't think it's a good idea to post pictures of other people's kids! So here are some of the cast during "bonding time."

I attended four shows:

Grease - part of the Blackfriars Theatre Summer Intensive. My kid was the Assistant Stage Manager. Love that girl, even though the older I get the less and less I love Grease. And "You're the one that I want" isn't even in the musical! The show was good and the cast worked super hard and nailed some crazy choreo.

Bring it On: The Musical - part of JCCs Summer Stage program. I guess I was kind of expecting it to be based on the movie, which is dumb because there were, like, four movies! The plot is about what you would expect from these gems. The music is great; I downloaded the soundtrack, of course. And these actors were awesome. 

Macbeth - Wallbyrd did (is currently doing since it closes this upcoming weekend) a Mad Max take on this classic, almost boring Scottish favorite.  I know the story of Macbeth and recognize the iconic lines but in general, at any given moment, I have no idea what anyone is talking about. I enjoyed the sword fighting, the costumes, and the crazy-ass makeup done by a friend of mine, Kitty! Yay, Kitty! The space is newly renovated old church. While it's a little weird to sit in pews, the theater is awesome.I'm looking forward to GPAS's Hunchback there in the Fall!

The Wild Party - also still playing. It's part of RAPAs Summer Stock extravaganza and is on a two- sided stage with the action happening all around. I had no clue about this show, going in which I think is part of RAPA's summer thing. But it's about a jealous vaudvillian clown and his "sexually ambitious" girlfriend, a second lady who wants the clown and a second dude who wants that girlfriend. It's a serious cluster fuck, y'all. I know some of the folks in the cast and they have some of my favorite local voices.
Next up for me is Stage Managing (first time!) Frog and Toad the musical and being in two shows for Rochester Fringe Festival! whew! 

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