Wednesday, June 21, 2017

What I've Been Reading (Outbox June 21)

I’ve only done one blog post this month. I basically suck. I would say that there’s been more time to write than usual I just haven’t had really anything to blog about. Is this that rut thing that people keep talking about?

I signed up for a Blog Hop challenge with Herding Cats and failed miserably! I didn’t make it all the way through the participants twice, which was the goal. Boooooo to me!

These are the books I’ve managed to get under my belt since the last outbox post. It was a Mixed Feelings post about If I Was Your Girl. I enjoyed all of these for very different reasons and none of them gave me to Big Feels. But this wouldn't be the first evidence that I'm a robot. 
I'll be honest. I wasn't really been blown away by any of them, but I think that is partly because of The Slump. I think my brain is turning to jelly due to Disney Emoji Blitz! It's taken over all the room that Candy Crush had in my brain. I also just discovered Angry Birds Blast. So. I'm utterly screwed. 

These are the books I am kinda mostly reading. Both After the Woods and The Amateurs are left overs from Teen Book Fest and I'm not sure I really want to read them. Both are "someone is dead or missing and we have to figure stuff out" books. Actually, Frog Music is, too! URGH! This list might be changing immediately. 
Frog Music has been on my TBR for a while. I wish that I hadn't read that it was loosely based on a true story. I swear, there are no other words that can kill a book (or movie) buzz for me faster than "Based on a True Story." Maybe I just don't like my fact and fiction to be so obviously mixey. Maybe, I'm a weirdo. Whatever.

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  1. Oh man. We were supposed to visit everyone TWICE xD why did I not think that was the case :D we're in this together then!
    I'm also sort of starting to feel a reading slump coming on. That's not good :/

    1. I think we were supposed to get to each person both weeks. Right?!