Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mini-Reviews: Behind Closed Doors and The Girl on the Train (Book Club Picks)

Already The Girl on the Train and Behind Closed Doors are mingling in my mind and they are not even that similar. It would be hard for me to really talk about them without giving away the stories as they are both psych-thrillers and I have a big-ass mouth with loose boundaries.

I’ll just say that they are probably both good for Book Club options because there are characters with questionable behaviors which always spark those "Bad things for the right reasons and good things for the wrong reasons" discussions. It always ends with everyone feeling a little superior. Neither are good options if one of your book club goals is to read about a non- white person. Or to like men. Either way, add wine.

Behind Closed Doors:
I read this for book club. The one who chose it had already read it and thought the group would enjoy it. She also NEVER reads the book she picked so this was a good way for her to break that trend. ::sipping tea:: The premise: Basically, two people have a perfect marriage. He’s handsome and successful and bought them a huge house. She’s beautiful and a wonderful cook. They have dinner parties and look at each other longingly. However, for some reason the wife never leaves the house alone and has no contact with anyone besides her husband or a disabled sister who will come to live with them soon. The author does a nice job of easing you into the madness. I hope the whole thing is as far fetched as it seems. If this isn't already in the works to be a movie, it will be soon, I'd bet. People love the white lady damsel in distress who is forced to try and overcome a heavy situation in which she blindly walked into. Seriously. People eat that shit up. Though to be fair, Halle Berry could play it.

The Girl on the Train:

I FINALLY READ THIS BOOK! I'd like to make a public apology to the acquaintance (Debra? Barbara?) who allowed me to borrow her book for a year before getting it back. I ended up getting this on audio-book through Overdrive. 

The main character’s life is a damn mess. Following a period of depression, her husband leaves her for a bitch and she falls into full on alcoholism, losing her job and embarrassing herself on the regular. On her daily excursions into not looking for a job, she becomes a nosey- people- watcher through the window of her train. When stuff happens that has nothing to do with her she gets involved to find out the truth. She's completely untrustworthy for both the reader and for the people in her world. Moral of the story: Don’t Drink and Butt-In, Karen!



  1. This whole thing cracked me up. Halle Berry! Perfection. Hahahahaha.

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