Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What I've Been Reading (Outbox 4/03)

I started this post thinking that I was going to do a full March wrap-up post. But then I remembered that I did a random outbox post a couple of weeks ago. So, I guess this is just another one of those for the last part of March. Basically, my previous plan for what I usually post has gone to shit (and when was the last time I did one of my feature posts!?), but you'll have to just bear with me, folks. 

Once again, we've got a bit of book highlights and a bit of lamenting/ rejoicing about a show I'm in.

Book Highlights:
SideScrollers: Matthew Loux is coming to Rochester Teen Book festival. He writes and draws graphic novels. I read this one after really liking the first Salt Water Taffy book, a book for older kids/ middle graders about a weird weekend on the cape. Side Scrollers follows three young adult dudes on their day of basic mischief and loser- dom... I love Luox art work and style.

Jackaby by William Ritter: I started this series with Book 1 about two years ago. Sometime reminded me of it recently, sparking me to pick up books 2 and 3 on a whim. Once I got going with them, I basically just read them both back to back in about a day and a half. I love this series which is a bit of a cross between Sherlock Holmes and (no, not Buffy) but Angel. It's set in London, I think... or NYC? It's amazing how often I don't know the difference between the two depending on the time period... anyway. I loved it. Definitely for fans of Jonathan Stroud and Kendare Blake. Which I undoubtedly am.

Thah Thee-ah-tah
(hmmm... I should split this into two posts to maximize posting! Nah.)  
Charlotte's Web Revival: was in Charlotte's Web last year and the company got a request for two school performances, so they asked the cast back. About half of us were available and the rest was recast. One of the people who were not available was my co- narrator which means I had to learn the whole part!! And of course I got to play the obnoxious Puppet Pig named Uncle. See the pic to the right for how we judge you in Pig! We rehearsed for a week. A WEEK! And then put the show on for an elementary school. We put it on again in May with one measly rehearsal. Then, we put it back on the original stage for a weekend.

We've already started rehearsal for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe so you should expect to hear a bit about that in the next one of these posts! 

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