Friday, March 24, 2017

Book Tag: Broadway

Lookie what I found! A book tag based on musicals. Yep.  I guess these are like mini- Broadway to Book recommendations! DOUBLE WIN!
Book Tag created by Gabi and BooksABlog

The Book of Mormon: What’s a book that you will read over and over again like it’s your bible. I’ve only recently (within the last two years or so) began rereading books. I don’t actually like knowing what is going to happen next. It usually bores me. However, rereading books I haven’t read in a long time via audio-book has been fun. I say all that to answer the question with one word: None. But if there was one, it would be a children's book, I'd bet. 

Phantom of the Opera: An ‘evil’ character than you can’t help loving. Wow. I hope that not all of my answers will be this boring. I can’t think of a single one! Wait, unless you count Disney villains! I love Ursela, but she probably doesn’t count because I love her from a movie, not a book.

Waitress: A book that makes you want to go to your supermarket and buy yourself a pie.
What book keeps me from wanting pie? I guess that if we are talking about a need for comfort food, I would say that they most I’ve ever needed a pie was when a certain bat- eared creature died in Book 7.
Sweeney Todd: A book that gives your creeps but you can’t help say its one of your favorites.
I Hunt Killers. It’s a whole trilogy.  
Evita: A book that made you want to travel to an unknown country and start a life. There was a book about 10 years ago that I read about a women who goes to Ireland, meets the love of her life, and moved back to NYC with him where he opens a pub and they live happily ever after. It was one of THOSE books. I have no idea what it was called. It’s the only book that has ever made me want to travel. I shit you not.

In the Heights: A book that was fun and made you want to get up and dance, even though it’s a book… This is a touch one. The Land of Stories is super fun. But maybe not dancing fun. I should definitely read more dancing books!

Heathers: A book that was the epitome of Mean Girls.

I’m actually over the mean girl trope for a while… but My Sister Rosa (a sister, not a classmate) had an interesting spin. Ok, I guess it’s not a mean girl thing really. I guess Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight would be a good vote for this one. (I did a Broadway to Books post with Heathers. Check it out!

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