Saturday, March 18, 2017

And I Call Myself a Book Blogger!?

Once again, Hobby 2 has interfered with Hobby 1. This is assuming that books are hobby 1 by default and seniority, because theatre is definitely bucking for the spot light based on time.

Sister Act through the Rochester Association of Performing Arts ran for the first two weekends in March, which means that the last two weeks of February were also a bust for anything resembling a normal life or book- reading and blogging. I didn't even do a February wrap up post! What kind of book blogger am I!?

I did finish a couple of audiobooks during commutes. I thoroughly enjoyed Alan Cumming's memoir, Not My Father's Son, about his adult- self remembering and then coming to terms with the abusive relationship he had with his father when he was a child. I always love when authors read their own books. 

The show was amazing, by the way. Here's some pics for your eyeballs' pleasure:

I also started ushering for the Auditorium Theatre, which is always on a Saturday. I did that the two opening weekends of Sister Act. I’ve got two more of those obligations: Wicked (AAAHHHHH!!) and Caberet! I did the box office at RAPA today and am doing the Camp Fair table tomorrow. And I just signed up to usher a kids show of Goodnight Moon at the JCC in a few weeks. Holy shit balls, yall! Theatre is taking over my life.
What shows are up next for me, you ask. Just a few months of back- to-back family shows, starting with a brief two – show school  engagement of Charlotte’s Web, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Charlotte’s Web for ANOTHER weekend and then a full summer of Rumplestiltskin. In Rumpel, I'm playing a mime. How time consuming could that be... but it's NINE (yes, 9) fricking shows!

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  1. Congrats on the show! I also didn't do a February wrap up. Sometime these things happen. I'm glad you're enjoying that theater life tho.