Thursday, February 23, 2017

Read Header Roc: A ReRead

This month’s two Read Harder reading categories were A Book about Poetry Written in Translation on a Theme Other than Love and A Book You’ve Read Before. This post is about the rereads. This was considered an "easy" task and based on the group, we were right! 

So, Sarah (from Sarah Says Read) rereads the Harry Potter and the Outlander series, often and is hoping to use this category to reread something different. But she hasn’t yet. Picking on Sarah for a second: she does this thing where she discounts the books she’s already read for a category and has to read a different one. I told her that having to read two books per task is gonna slow her down, but no one listens to me! When people talk this way about the Outlander series it almost makes me forget that I think about 40% of the books are boring (I’m only read the first two) and makes me want to jump back into the series. But 40% of 800 pages is over 300 pages of URGH. So… we’ll see.

Shelley reread She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb. It was a book she hardly remembered at all and shared that she had several moments of “Oh!” when reading it. For example, she had attributed a specific story arc to the whole book that was really only in part of the book.

Kristi reread Hunger Games which obviously made me talk about the NIGHTMARE of my Hunger Games reread [click for ranting post].

Two years ago, this would have been a much more difficult task for me. But since that time I have discovered Audiobooks! and how awesome they are for rereads [click]. I’ve reread two books this year that can count for this task.

The first was The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. I’m not sure how a book can be both more exciting and more boring than you remember. I also think that conversations from adults about the specific religious messages in the book killed it for me. I kept thinking, “Oh, yeah, that’s one.” And stuff like that. Booooo. Edmund is an ass, by the way.

My second reread was Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk. It’s about a super model who is in a disfiguring accident and is swept up in a whirl wind of risky behaviors on her way to self- discovery. I guess… That is definitely a candidate for “explain a book plot badly.” I still loved this book but it occurred to me that it’s likely, at least partly, because I agree with CP’s cynical anti- corporate, anti- upper class/ elitists, damn the man themes that flow through most, if not all, of his earlier stuff.


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  1. Audiobooks are brilliant for re-reads! I'm not doing Read Harder this year, but that's definitely something to keep in mind. I loved your HG rant, btw. Good point about how the narrator can make or break the book. The Percy Jackson narrator is so bad because he makes Percy sound like a whiny kid.