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Book Tag: Mary Poppins

Alrighty, the book tweep behind Let’sBook About It created this Mary Poppins book tag. Y’all! MARY FRICKING POPPINS! So, obviously, not only am I doing the tag but I will be incorporating asides from my time as a member of the ensemble in Mary Poppins the Musical that I was in in 2015. That’s right. I do not let the opportunity to talk about a show pass me up… no, siree.

The questions include facts about the book and the movie, BTW. LesGo.

1. Mary Poppins’ story was originally a book by P.L. Travers. The author was not comfortable releasing her book into a film. She was afraid they’d change the heart of her story. What book were you afraid to lend to a friend, for fear they wouldn’t like your favorite story?

First of all, let me just say that I am always surprised when I am reminded that this book was written by a woman. It just never occurred to me and when I found out, not too long ago, I was shocked. Ummm... ok, so the question: usually, when I am worried about a book recommendation it is because I am recommending a Middle Grade book or a YA book to an adult who usually reads something else. 

2. P.L. Travers’ book was turned into a movie (Disney’s Mary Poppins, obviously) as well as her personal story of how the film was made (Saving Mr. Banks). Which book would you like to turn into a movie (if it was well done of course)?

I don't watch movies based on books that I like. Ever. My blood pressure can't take it. Percy Jackson was the last straw. But, if I had to pick, maybe something with a very visual story, like the Night Circus. 

3. Walt Disney wanted to cast Angela Lansbury as Mary Poppins (before Julie Andrews). What book in a series do you wish you could swap out? (get rid of it or change it in some way)

Ummmmmm... That's a hard one. I usually read series all at once, so I don't remember things as they happen. But, The Shades of Grey books should have been a single stand- alone book. Speaking of, Twilight could have missed me with all that pregnancy crap... book 4? I don't remember. 

4. P.L. Travers hated the film when it was done. She wept during the premiere and completely regretted giving up the rights. Name a book that you completely regret ever buying.

Kami Garcia’s Beautiful Creatures SERIES. I'm stealing this answer, because YES! URGH! (I didn't buy it. I got it from the library. Thank goodness) Also, Game of Thrones was not all it was cracked up to be. I could have saved myself a few zillion pages. 

5. The song a “Spoonful of Sugar” was written about the polio vaccine. What book had you so on edge, but in the end, it was absolutely sweet?

I don't like sweet endings. Sweet endings rarely go with the story/world that I'm reading.. but Crooked Kingdom probably fits this bill best. #NoSpoilers 

6. Mrs. Banks was fighting for a woman’s right to vote! Name a book you read that fights for a cause.

Where the book fights for a cause? hmmmm... Not sure. But I'll shout out to All American Boys as a book that was about police brutality but also about how people may dehumanize the victims of their pet causes. 

7. Mary Poppins flies in under a black umbrella. Name a book you wanna throw out the window. Hehe

See the answer to question 4. But also Winner's Curse, Rebel in the Sands, and Half Resurrection Blues. For the endings that DEMAND book 2.  

8. Practically Perfect In Every Way. Which book did you feel was pure perfection?

None. But check out my must reads posts. :) 

9. Mary’s bottomless bag could carry anything. Name a book that had many pages, but surprisingly went by very quickly.

A Discovery of Witches: Super long, super awesome. 

10. Only Mary could jump right into a beautifully drawn chalk drawing. If you could jump inside one of your favorite books AND manipulate it to your liking, which book would you choose?

Jeesh. Another hard question. I don't know. Maybe the world of... jeesh. I don't know... I'm gonna have to think about it! I've been reading too much dystopian, lately!

11. Dick Van Dyke really wanted to play the role of Mr. Dawes the villainous bank president and did. Which book(s) in your collection did you probably spend the most money on?

I try not to spend too much money on expensive books. I prefer paperbacks. My collection of trade paperbacks (comics) and show program books are probably the biggest sinkhole, though. 

12. Mary has the most magical powers. Have you read a book with an incredible magic system?

I'll go with This Savage Song. In the book, monsters are born of violence. Pretty cool. 

13. Bert’s Uncle Albert laughs so hard that he floats to the ceiling. Name a book that made you laugh almost as hard.

I laughed out loud throughout Better Nate than Ever. I read it as audiobook and Tim Federle, the author, reads it. It was awesome.

14. Mr. Banks spends most of the movie not paying attention to his lovely children. Do you have a book that’s been sitting on your shelf for ages and you haven’t paid it any attention?

So many. That's why every few months I do a "ClearAShelf" challenge to try and focus on neglected books that I already own. 

15. In the end, Mary gives the children exactly what they wanted, but not in the way they expected. What book threw you for a loop and still gave you immense satisfaction?

The Female of the Species [review linked].

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