Saturday, December 10, 2016

What Role... (Is "Theatre Tag" a Thing?)

This is from a Facebook post that a friend of mine posted. I decided to do it as a blog post so I could add pictures… because, duh! It's pretty self- explanatory. Unfortunately, I don't know any other people who have blogs that are theatre people so I can't tag anyone else, so if you want to do this, Jump in!

Role that was the most fun: Mary Poppins was the most fun show, I think, because the cast had so much fun, together. I played a few ensemble characters in it. Hopefully, no pictures will ever be released with me in that damn striped jacket. Urgh.


Role that kicked my ass: Sunshine, my character from Rocky Horror. I sweartagawd the dance captain was a serious beast.
Role that made me feel like a star: Mrs. Spratt. I played the character like a high- school theatre has been who was over the top. She WAS a star (in her own mind)!
Role I'd love to do again: Any of them. Because I’ve been in so few, I’m always thinking of ways I could have played different roles or different ways I shouldn’t have done something in an audition.  
 Role I wish more people had seen: Mrs. Spratt. The name of the show was Trial of the Big Bad Wolf, it didn’t have the name power of Charlotte’s Web.
Role that was most like me: I played basically myself in a One- act play during Fringe last year. That might be kind of a cheat-y answer, I guess. So, I guess the Narrator in Charlotte's Web who was sort of the personification of a dragon fly. In Mary Poppins, one of my ensemble characters just walked back and forth reading a book... so... 

My 4 dream role(s) would be:
I have A LOT of roles I would love to play
1.) The Witch from Into the Woods
2.) Sophia from The Color Purple
3.) The Wife from Something Rotten. I'm sure she had a name.

4.) Gaston from Beauty and the Beast 


I would also seriously play, simultaneously, both the scarecrow and the lion. 

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