Wednesday, November 30, 2016

This Year's Firsts! (NaBloPoMo)

Ok! Final day of NaBloPoMo!! Whooo hooo!!! I’ve decided to make my final post about FIRSTS in honor of the #BHPChat last night. Congrats to BHPChat for the chattaversary!!

Here are the questions and my answers from the chat. HOWEVER!! You can’t understand the fun of twitter chats based on this watered down, dumb regurgitation of the questions!! You gotta get your chat on! There are plenty of bookish chats, though BHPCHats is probably one of the more active ones lately. Check out Emily’s calendar here.

Q1: FIRST, introduce yourself!

This is almost always the first question in a twitter chat… and I just say my name and link to my blog. Duh.

Q2: What was your FIRST BLOG POST about? (Link if you’d like!)


My First blog post [link] was about my decision to choose a black background for my new blog. It was cringeworthy.

Q3: Who was the FIRST PERSON who commented, followed or did something special for your blog?

My first blog commenter was some douche-canoe who wanted to recommend a better Peter Pan retelling than Peter & the Star-catchers. 

Q4: In 2016, what was your FIRST 5 STAR RATED BOOK?


That was Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon. Lucky you, I did a review. [Link]

Q5: What was a FIRST MOMENT that was special to you? (First Bookish Friend, ARC, Author Interview, Book Event, Etc.)

I missed this question last night in the chat because I was all up in some other conversation about the word douche-canoe (see question 3).  But I got my first requested review this year, I think. It was for LetMe Just Say This
I have mixed feelings about doing reviews that are requested by people. [link] 

Q6: Did you start anything new over this last year for the FIRST time (Bookstagram, Booktube, Blog Discussions, Hosting Events, Challenges)?

I hosted by first reading challenge: Clear a shelf, which focused on reading books that you already own. I’m doing it again starting tomorrow! I also did a few book blog tours.

Q7: Who were some of the FIRST BOOK COMMUNITY MEMBERS who made you feel welcome and included? 

No idea. All the people have been welcoming even if they are apparently assholes in some discussions.

Q8:  What was one of the FIRST BOOKISH ITEMS you bought this year (Mugs,Totes, Bookmarks, Candles, Subscription Box) and include a pic!

This is a hysterical question! I buy bookish stuff all the time. Seriously. More than groceries. But here are some pics of a book bag (heh) I had made from bookish shirts and two enamel pins I bought.

Q9: What is your FIRST goal for 2017?

I really want to spend more time looking at other people’s blogs getting ideas and just honing my style.

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