Monday, November 14, 2016

What the Hell is a Food Memoir? #ReadHarder 2016

Yesterday at Book Riot Live, I went to the Read Harder IRL panel to talk about the books that people are reading for their challenges. Here’s the link to the challenge if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I never officially do Read Harder because, really, let’s be honest. I don’t like to read things that I don’t want to read and each year there are two or three categories that I am just WAY not into (here's my post about 2015, if you don't believe me).

There are also a few categories that I push myself into and really enjoy. But, it is time to figure out how many categories I have read already and see if I’m willing to let myself complete the challenge this year.

What the hell is a food memoir?

And, I'm perfectly embarrassed to admit this, but I'm not totally sure where SouthEast Asia is, either. I know. I'm an asshole. But the whole point of the challenge is to read beyond your usual and learn a few things. 

So, overwhelmingly, a common theme for the categories that give me "trouble" is non-fiction, my arch- nemesis. I'm going to spend a little time with this and see how it goes... 

Update! I just found out that The Jungle Book won an Audie. BOOM!! (So did Furiously Happy!)

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  1. Some great books on here! And if you didn't know about Southeast Asia and food memoirs before, hey, at least you're making an effort to read outside of your comfort zone now. This sounds like a great challenge, and I'll be sure to check it out :D

    - Eli @ The Silver Words