Saturday, November 19, 2016

Clear A Shelf Challenge Two: Sign Up Post

In August, I challenged myself to read books that I already owned. I called the challenge ClearAShelf (ingenious, right?) and invited tweeps to join me.

Here’s the wrap up post from last time, which shows my meager success and includes how the others did, as well. 

I have decided to do it all again for December! Actually… Lorryn asked me if I was planning to do it again and said she was interested and why the hell not!
My down fall last time was the number of books I had checked out from the library at the beginning of the challenge. No good planning on my part! As of this posting, I only have 6, so that should help me out. Plus, I’m taking some vacation time in December, which means BOOOKKKSSS!!!

Qualifying books fall into two categories:

OWNED: Anything you own before December 1st is fair game. The name of the challenge comes from my intention to read a whole shelf’s worth of books.

TBR: Any book already on your established (however you establish it) To Be Read (TBR) list as of December 1st regardless of whether you own it or not.

Percentages are based on the total number of books you read for August.

0% - 25 %:  Noble Page
25% - 50%: Knight
51% - 75%: Ruler
76% - 100% Warrior

If you want to join me on this quest, post your goal on twitter, your blog, or wherever you do such things. On Twitter please use the hashtag #ClearAShelf. And here’s the sticker, if you want to declare yourself on posts, etc!

Last time I tried to use a linky form thingy and wanted to shoot myself. NEVER AGAIN! But here is a Google form so I can see who’s playing and blog hop to motivate myself with your progress!

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  1. Oh my goodness yes! I have a tower of books in the bedroom that I haven't read yet, but I keep getting new ones and going to the library. I'm in!

    1. Awesome! And I know just what you mean! Library books definitely keep me away from my book shelves.