Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Blog Challenges Updates (NaBloPoMo16)

I am once again doing the NaBloPoMo thing, which is  basically 30 Days of Blogging. BlogHer, who hosts NaBloPoMo is planning to "do something a little different" for November. No idea what that's going to be about.

For this, DAY ONE, I shall regale you with the update of my blog- related challenges since June. Here’s the June update.

I really wanted to post more and do more connecting with other bloggy people, which I’ve absolutely done!

I’ve gotten 100 comments (GOAL!!) and gotten over 1000 followers on Twitter. TEEHHEEE!!

Total Blog Posts:
Goal (updated in June): 8 per month
Current Average: 11 per month

I’m so glad kept this goal reasonable! I would really like to get back to my two ideas for featured posts: Broadway to Books and Three on a Theme Thursdays.

Book Reviews:
Goal: 4 per month

Current Average: 3.3 per month… that’s so close!! Let’s round up!! LOL… My book reviews definitely go down when 1) I’m not loving the books I’ve been reading, and 2) my evenings get busier. I only did one in April, which was also my lost overall posting month.

I've done a few more reviews by authors’ requests, which I have mixed feelings about it.

Blog Tours
Goal: 4 for the year
The last one was for:

Goal: 1 per month
Current Average: 1 per month
Still loving this squishy goal that gives me all of the power and none of the pressure.
Goal: 3 for the Year

Completed/ Planned
Bout of Books 16 – completed
Make Me Read – July 9th

 Twitter Chats
I haven’t been tracking these, but I participate in at least one every two weeks. I really like #BHPChat  and #BBTC. Sometimes I just jump in on a chat if I see one going on. #BookTwitter is a pretty welcoming group of people!

I've been trying to spend more time reading other people's blogs. I joined the Commenting 365 Challenge which is going ok, I guess. Bleh.

I made .86 in the last quarter through Riot Ad Network. Wow. Stop. It’s tew much.

Other Bloggy/Bookish Things
I hosted my first reading challenge. It was fun and a bit of a mess. Four twitter friends joined me for Clear a Shelf!I think I'm going to do it again in December. I'll come back with the link if I decide to.

Book Riot Live – Reader's Convention in November. See my recap post from last year’s inaugural event!  I'm taking badge ribbons to share this time!! I'll be one of the coolest nerds there!

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