Saturday, October 22, 2016

Dewey's Readathon Fall 2016 - The Ready, The Set, and The Currently Reading

It’s Dewey’s time again!! Last year was my first one and I’m excited to do it again!!

This post is where I'll post updates throughout the day, assuming that the Blogger app on my phone doesn't keep shutting down.

I've decided that rather than really narrowing down my TBR for the day, I'm just going to have a pool of books to choose from based on my library books, my old eARCs, by clear a shelf books, and four new audiobooks.


Update 1- 12:30pm
Currently Reading: Not Working by Lisa Owens (for book club), so far I am generally underwhelmed and generally annoyed by the main character. Page 165.

Just started: The Crane Wife by Patrick Ness via audiobook. I'm not even sure what the hell it's about, yet... a bird has been shot.

I'm volunteering at the book sale at the library in about 30 minutes. It looks pretty busy in there... I was hoping I could have the audiobook running during the sale, but I don't think that's going to work... ::sigh:: but I'll definitely get to listen to it during pack up.

So, my blogger app hated me this weekend, so this is now a recap post rather than an ongoing update post... but whatevs. Life, AmiRight? 

Final Stats:
Total Books: 3, plus two comics
Total Pages: 917
Total Hours read: 15-ish   

Not Working by Lisa Owens (print): Can I just say that this is another story about a white lady who has no sense of life, in general. She's been able to save up enough money to just quit her job to "find herself." This gives her all the more time to be boring and drunk. She and the chicks from Wild and from Orange is the New Black (who are real people) should get together and volunteer at a soup kitchen together. I imagine their Frappacino - debriefing session would include at least one reference to a broken hang nail.

Ever So Madly by J.R. Gray: I enjoyed this story a lot but didn't really care for the writing. I also really liked to world which reminded me of a little bit of Red Rising, so you know... it was SciFi, I guess. There's a gay main-ish character, which adds some diversity to the cast of mostly the same characters from other stuff.

The Crane Wife by Patrick Ness: Weird as you might expect. Do you guys remember that one story in The Tales from the Darkside movie with Rae Dawn Chong. This was kind of that same story... I loved that story. And I really loved this one, too, which was based on an old Japanese folk tale.   

Two Black Panther single issues: strong story, strong art.

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