Monday, October 3, 2016

September Recap, ft. my Blooming Boobs!

What the hell did I do all month, you ask!! Don’t even go there!

If you look back at my outbox post on October 12, you will see that I had read 3 books and was working on Rocky Horror all month. Here’s some updated pictures from the show/ rehearsal! That’s me with the #BloomingBoobs. (more pics after the jump)

Shout out to Samper Images for the great pics during performances and rehearsals... and the secret photoshop job... SHHHHHHH.

I did get through a few more books, mostly by audiobooks.

Reading Highlights:

The Twelve - highlighted previously.
I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga: I might do a full review for October... but this one was pretty good. 

Pretty Baby: I think that Mary Kubica is one of those authors trying to be a "end with a twist" people. I'd say this one was well worth the read but there's no shock to the twist. 

Marisa de los Santos wrote one of my favorite realistic fiction books: Love Walked In. The Precious One is about a grown woman who reluctantly reconnects with her emotionally abusive father who has become a good father to her little half sister. The story is told from multiple perspectives and is a good one about families and the strength to grow forward, rather than stay stuck with assholes in your past.  

Blog Stats:
I only did 6 total blog posts for September, which is fewer than the increased goal I set for myself in June, but more than my original 2016 goal… so, mixed feelings.

I did a requested review that an author wasn’t super happy with. But I’m not going to go there, or tag it or anything. There are definitely pros and cons to this whole electronic media and access thing, though. I’ve got one more requested review coming up and if I don’t love it, I might say no anytime an author contacts me from now on. Of course, I would have missed Santa Muerte and that would have been sad. Maybe I just need a better “policy.”

I did one blog tour post with a hot hipster guy on the cover of the book. The story also looks interesting so I’m added it to my TBR.

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