Monday, September 12, 2016

Oubox Sept 10 - Reading, RAPA and Rocky Horror

This is a sad little Outbox post, reading wise. It’s already the 10th and I’ve only finished three books! Of course, The Twelve is a massive tome, so it totally counts as two! Anyway this post is all about the books I've managed to read and the stuff that's been getting in the way of all the stuff I wanted to be reading.

What's I've Been Reading 
The Twelve is the second in a trilogy about a viral Apocalypse. I wont say too much about it because I do plan to review the series when I'm done. But it's really well written and spans across about 100 years. I'm reading this via audiobook which is great. It was recommended to me by twitter friend and author Terry Maggert. I read one of his books earlier this year and got to chatting with him. Vice versa. I chatted with him first. Anyhooo, apparently, he's a good judge of books. 

Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician was a trip. I assume it is similar to Daniel Wallace's Big Fish because of the overlapping themes, but I only saw Big Fish, the movie. It was worth the quick read, even though I might have gotten a little confused at the end. 

I did a review for Rebel of the Sands. Great story with a female lead set in the (Arabian?) desert. Magical creatures make any desert tale better, IMO. 

And When I'm Not Reading?
This month has been all about Rochester Association for Performing Arts (RAPA). I am in their production of Rocky Horror and
we've been rehearsing 3-4 nights a damn week. Booo to that, y'all! I'm also doing their #SocialMediaSeptember promotion thing to go along with Rochester Fringe Festival. I’m part of the RAPA social media team and the Director wants to double the number of followers. I may have laughed in his face.
But he gave me some stuff to give away, so that's nice. Here's some pics of ridiculousness to make up for the low book chat.

Dance Rehearsal:

From The Preview at Barnes and Noble:
Me: Working on my character's facial expressions:
Random rehearsal pic with my friend, Amanda: 

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