Thursday, September 1, 2016

August Recap and ClearAShelf Results (Pathetic)

So, August was dubbed (by me) to be focused on clearing out some of my TBR books, especially those that I already owned at the time. I made a post and invited other people to join on this, a noble quest. 

Clear a Shelf results: TECHNICALLY, all of the books that I read were on my virtual TBR list before the challenge started. So in that way I am a Boss Book Beast. HOWEVER, the goal for me was to read books that I already owned. That drops the total to 6… which means I finish as a Knight rather than as a Ruler. Disappointing, but not too shabby! Three Tweeps helped make this reading goal fun:

Lucy read 67% of books from her TBR!! Making her a RULER of the challenge!!

Lorrynat Book Parental did 6/7 books, making her a fricking challenge WARRIOR

I’m looking forward to how Joyce at Completely Booked finished!

Thanks, ladies! Tweeps for life!

August RECAP:
Only 7 total posts. Booo! But rehearsals for Rocky Horror started and as you can see from this actual rehearsal picture, I was super busy!

My favorite posts were my Book Blogger Blind date with Cindy from My Book Shelf and my repost from my Broadway to Books guest post over at Book BloggersInternational.

I hosted my first reading challenge. I just told you about this! See above!!

I finished a total of 15 books for August.

Some Highlights:
I reviewed Shadows of Sherwood. Great middle grade Robin Hood retelling. 

I was generally underwhelmed by my reading this month, but that's probably because I was too busy to be really engrossed. There weren't any books I would warn you away from, though Kushiel's Dart is best for those interested in BDSM and non-vanilla lifestyles, probably. I really liked The Rose and the Dagger as well as finishing my Inkheart trilogy reread.

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