Monday, August 1, 2016

July 2016 Recap (Outbox)

I’m determined to do a July recap, because I totally missed doing one for June, it’s like the days were just flying by!

I did an Outbox post about 10 days ago (click). I’ve read 3 books since then, bringing my total for the month to a measly 9 books. Ok. It’s not that measly, but I like to end on an even number! I tried to finish the book I’m in the middle of before bed last night but it wasn’t worth it.

Book Outbox:
Both Exit, Pursued by Bear and Winter's Bone were about young female MC.
  • Exit, Pursued by Bear is about a popular cheerleader who is assaulted at cheer camp and has the best adjustment period I've ever seen. This is largely due to her relationships and the fact that there is little question that she actually was assaulted.
  • Winter's Bone was about a girl trying to keep her house, care for her mentally ill mother and younger siblings, and find her father who just jumped bail. Both good books.
  • The Passage is a crazy long book about an infection and apocalype. The world- building and the story telling makes it worth the 750 pages. I've already downloaded the second in the series. 

 Currently Reading: My first NetGalley Book!

Monthly Stats/ Do-Goods: 
Books Read: 9
Blog Posts: 9 (It's like odd number hell!)
Readathon: Make Me Read
Top Ten Tuesday: 1 (Underrated Books)
Twitter Chats: 4 or 5

First Time for Everything!
Guest Interview on Drunk of Books (coming in August or September)
Guest Post for Bloggers International: The post (7/25) was on book recommendations based on Musicals! I loved writing it and might make it a "regular" thing. 
Challenge Host: I also set up my first linky to get people to join me on my quest to Clear A Shelf for what I’m declaring #TBRAugust.

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