Friday, July 8, 2016

#MakeMeRead Readathon - Running Post

Here’s my original sign-up post for the challenge, which is hosted by Ely at Tea and Titles and Val at the Innocent Smiley. The readathon goes from July 9th to July 16th.
The way the vote turned out:
Several people let me know that they had never heard of most of the books on my list and/ or hadn't read any of them. The most popular book picks had the most name recognition, I think. All of them, except for Golden Son, were books I picked up from book events or were included in the Book Riot Book boxes last year. 

Semi-mandatory picture of the TBR stack, in order of reading:

*****Saturday (7/9):*****
Book 1 - The Impossible Knife of Memory by Laurie Halse Anderson
Book 2 - All Fall Down by Ally Carter (Started)
Pages Read - 535
What else am I doing today? Working the booth for Rochester Association of Performing Arts at the Cornhill Arts Festival.

Finished - All Fall Down
Currently Reading - Golden Sun
Pages Read - 342
What else am I doing today? Work stuff. And lots of Internet, apparently.

Book 1 - Golden Son (page 228)
Book 2 - I Crawl Through it by AS King, audiobook (66%). Technically, this is supposed to be book 6 but it was available on Overdrive, so... I do what I want!

Pages Read - 250 ish, including the audiobook progress
What else am I doing today: Work and work and work and picking up my kid then work then dinner (for work).
Currently Reading - Finished I Crawl Through It. I have about 200 more pages of Golden Son
Pages Read - 310
What else am I doing today: Work. Again. I've got a report due so hopefully, I am responsible enough to work on that instead of reading. Cross your fingers. Update: I'll do the report tomorrow. :) 
Wednesday: Break Day
I stayed up late on Tuesday to complete both in progress books. It's gonna be a long day and a late night. I start tap class!

Currently Reading -an audiobook for commuting. I just started Far From the Madding Crowd but I don't like it. So, I'm probably going to switch to Blue Lily, Lily Blue as part of the great Raven Boys reread.

Currently Reading -The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever by Jeff Strand.
Pages Read - 130, including the audiobook that isn't part of this readathon. whoops!
Book Review -I wouldn't expect a review for this one.
What else am I doing today? - What do you think? I work!

Currently Reading - The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever
Audiobook: Blue Lily Lily Blue 
Pages Read -
What else am I doing today?

Currently Reading -The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever
Pages Read -
What else am I doing today: Walking in the pride parade and going to pride fest with RAPA's Spring Awakening case

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