Friday, July 22, 2016

Broadway and the Make Me Read Challenge (Outbox - 7/21/16)

For the first week of July I was out of town. We planned to take a train down to NYC to see a couple of shows and just not be home for a while. 

So. Day one, we took the subway down to the church/ cemetery where Alexander Hamilton is buried. It’s what all the cool kids who can’t afford tickets to Hamilton are doing. The church is beautiful. We spent far too long looking for Angelica Schuyler's grave before looking on Google and finding out that it is not marked with her name. It's in the Livingston plot, in case you're looking and we still didn't find it. [The duck lips in the picture are ironic, y'all.]

In the evening, we saw Something Rotten. If you’ve never heard of it, it is basically the story of the Nick and Nigel, the Bottom brothers. They are two playwrights trying to write the next big play living in the shadow of Shakespeare, whom Nick abhors and Nigel fan boys over. Shakespeare is a theatre rock star. Nick pays Nostradamus to help him come up with the future of theatre and hijinks ensue when the predictions are a little mixed up. The story was fun and funny. Theatre nerds will love all the references. The music is catchy and the actors are excellent. One of the show highlights was Heidi Blickenstaff, playing Nick’s wife. She is a strong, resourceful woman helping her husband find his way and stop being a sexist pig in the process. My kid got a picture with her. We really loved the entire cast.

Day 2: TCKTS line and then the matinee for The Color Purple. Y’all. Let me tell you I was in my feelings the WHOLE DAMN WAY THROUGH THIS. It was so good. Minimal set, beautiful voices, and hope at the end. Which is good or I would have had to go home and take a sedative. There are two songs from the sound track I've listened to at least twice every day since we saw it. 

Then we were off to the New Amsterdam Theatre for Aladdin. I had been most excited about his show, since it’s my favorite Disney movie come to life. It was super good, but I can’t help but feel I would have been more into it if I hadn’t seen The Color Purple at the matinee. But I bought, like, one of everything at the merch table because Aladdin, y'all! 


I barely read anything while we were gone but did get some audiobook time on the train. Finished the Inkspell reread. Still love that serie, by the way. 

Most of the books I’ve read so far for July, I read for the Make Me Read challenge last week. Here’s the recap post.\

The Golden Son - linked to review of Book One
The Impossible Knife of Memory - review scheduled for next Tues.

And here are the books I am currently reading. I'm reading The Passage based on recommendation, Sacrificial Lamb Cake is my very first Netgalley book, and Winter's Bone... well, I can't remember why I'm reading Winter's Bone... but I'm sure there's a reason. I hope to be done with that one by the time this posts. It's a wee little thing.

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  1. I loved this, especially the section on Color Purple -- I had to read it to my daughter. We're going to listen to the OBCR when it comes in at the library.