Thursday, June 30, 2016

I'm kicking butt! (2016 Blog Challenges and Goals update)

Yep. It’s still almost July. Which is basically crazy.

My blog goals for 2016 were focused on increasing the consistency of my posting and getting more involved with other bloggers and bookish peeps. And really, feeling more connected with the book blog community has been awesome!

Here's my mid- year goal update: 
Total Blog Posts:
Goal: 4 per month
Current Average: 11 per month
New Goal: 8 per month

Book Reviews:
Goal: 4 per month
Current Average: 4 per month
I've done three reviews for authors by request. Two of them I've connected with on Twitter and I now stalk... in a completely healthy way.

Blog Tours
Goal: 4 for the year
New Goal: 6
I've got one planned for July for Inherited by Freedom Matthews. I’m doing a Guest Post which is new for me! Due to post on July 17th.

Goal: 1 per month
Current Average: 1 per month
I like this goal, which allows me to choose my favorite TTT topic, rather than feeling pressured into answering ones that I don't love. There are a bunch of July topics I like.

Goal: 3 for the Year

Completed/ Planned
Bout of Books 16 – completed
Make Me Read – July 9th
To Be Determined

Twitter Chats
I haven’t been tracking these, but I participate in at least one every two weeks. I really like #BHPChat  and #BBTC. Sometimes I just jump in on a chat if I see one going on. #BookTwitter is a pretty welcoming group of people!

I just joined the Commenting 365 Challenge.

I wasn’t planning it too far in advance, but I joined the Riot Ad Network and became an Amazon Affiliate. I would like to host giveaways and I’m thinking that those might help me be able to afford it. If they seem dumb or a waste of time I will quit. 

Bookish Things Coming UP:
AugustTBR Challenge – A challenge for myself to only read owned books for the whole of August. I might figure out that linky thing to invite other people to do it with me... weee!! 

Book Riot Live – Reader's Convention in November. See my recap post from last year’s inauguralevent!  

My Blogiversary in October. What should I do to celebrate?

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