Tuesday, May 17, 2016

RocTBF2016 Recap Post

All right. My two month OBSESSION is over and done with. The 11th Annual Rochester Teen Book Festival is DONE. I have already started stalking the web site for plans for next year, but apparently, no one cares about MY needs!!

As you may know, the plan was for me to read (or have read) one book for each author that would be at TBF. Once again, I was so close to completing this goal that I could taste it! One barrier was that I was scheduled to participate in a book tour for a ginormous book during the final week of the challenge. Hashtag bad timing. I ended with three measly authors to go! However, I read a few books by authors I already knew and loved, so no tears from me. I guess.

I was an adult Author’s Assistant again this year. This basically means I was the Head of an author’s entourage. Here’s a picture of the team and the Spectacular Cathleen Davitt Bell.

I had never read any of her work before. However, Slipping (linked below) was one of my favorite books so far this year.

Mrs. Davitt Bell brought me a copy of her book and had give- away copies for the teen members of her team, making her an awesome book festival participant. Of course, she was also super nice so we would have loved her anyway. She was generous with her attention to the girls and offered to provide them with feedback on some of their own work. One of them almost fainted from the experience. Miya, girl, I hope you've recovered!

I also got a butt ton of books AND a t-shirt through raffles, obligatory picture below. Those round things are face- buttons that RocTBF provides its authors. They can be worn by the team or given away or used for target practice, not that I would ever do something like that! I may or may not have gone around to different authors and begged for them... I did. Thanks so much to those who tolerated my adolescent behavior wrapped in a *$!9 year old body.
TECHNICALLY, my final book on the challenge was completed after TBF. But who the hell is keeping that close of a watch, for sobbing out loud! I'm a damn grown up! I'm the boss of me!
I plan to do full review posts for  Rebel Belle and Into the Dim... but you know how that goes. We shall see!

Final grid and links:

Laurie Halse Anderson*
Speak and others,* Twisted (mini- review)
Jesse Andrews
Cathleen Davitt Bell
Charles Benoit*
Fall from Grace
Sarah Rees Brennan
Anna Breslaw

Jennifer Donnelly
These Shallow Graves
Tim Federle
K. L. Going
Chris Grabenstein
The Island of Dr. Libris
Harriet Reuter Hapgood

Rachel Hawkins
Rebel Belle
Ellen Hopkins*     
Burned,* Smoke (mini-review)
A. S. King*
Reality Boy; Ask the Passengers
Justine Labalestier
Mercedes Lackey
Hunter (Now Reading)
Carolyn Mackler     
The Earth, My Butt, and other Big Round Things
Kekla Magoon
Kory Merritt

Ridley Pearson*
Tamora Pierce*
Song of the Lioness 1-4*, Wild Magic
Gary Schmidt     
Steve Sheinkin
Lincoln's Grave Robbers, Port Chicago 50 (Reviews)
Jessica Spotswood
Born Wicked
Robin Talley
Mariko Tamaki*
This One Summer
Janet B. Taylor
Into the Dim (review coming soon)
Terry Trueman*
Stuck in Neutral
Scott Westerfeld*
Uglies, Afterworld, Peeps
Suzanne Young
Hotel Ruby
Jeff Zentner

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