Thursday, May 12, 2016

What I've Been Reading (Outbox May 11, 2016)

My last outbox post was on April 20th, probably when I started focusing on getting the TBF books read. I’ve read 15 books since then and done book reviews for many of them. 
I did a blog tour for the Double and for Friday Evening, Eight O'clock, the only two "adult" oriented books I've read that weren't audiobooks.

I posted an update about how the TBF challenge is going and it has links to the related book reviews over there [Link here]. I’ll give you a little bit of a highlight reel for my overall outbox and then I gotta get back to business!

April Highlights:
Slipping by Cathleen Davitt Bell was really good (review post). I also really enjoyed Hotel Ruby. I will definitely be reading more from these two authors. 

MAY (so far):

May Highlights:
I've actually enjoyed every single book I've read as part of the TBF challenge. 

I was surprised at how much I liked Steve Sheinkin's audiobooks. They are historical accounts of events based on eye witness accounts, reviewing records, reading letters etc. Lincoln's Grave Robbers was an interesting story about counterfeiters' plans to make it rich by robbing Lincon's grave. The Port Chicago 50 was about 50 Black men who refused to return to work loading ammunition for the Navey after an explosion and were charged with mutiny. I didn't know anything about either of these events. The books are quick and more personal that history usually is for me.

Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood and Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins were amazing! I will definitely be finishing those series sometime soon. If I can ever stop doing challenges!

Currently Reading:
Each author not already crossed off on this list! 

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