Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mission: Rochester Teen Book Festival 2016 (Update 2)

9 Days Left!!!!!
The 11th annual Greater Rochester Teen Book festival is May 14th!! It’s a huge event that has author panels, books for sale, and food trucks. YAY!! This has become one of my favorite events of the year and this will be my 4th or 5th time being a volunteer. I’ll be one of the author assistants working with Cathleen Davitt Bell. I’d never read one of her books before but Slipping was great (linked below). This is the second year that I have tried to have read at least one book by each author who is scheduled to attend. Last year I missed the goal by one book! ONE!! Which is obviously some bullshit (recap post).

My failure this year will be much more complete, probably. But, I’m still trying trying trying. Some of the reasons I might not make it:

  • I’m doing a book review post for a 400+ page book for a blog tour that is due next Tuesday and I haven’t read the book, yet.
  • I would like to post with for Book Blogger’s International Mental Health Month and they want that submission by Wednesday!
  • There’s an audition on Saturday that I have to practice for.
  • I haven’t had time to track down all the books.
  • I want to read at least one more of Cathleen Davitt Bell’s.

Below is my current status as of today. Green books are being currently read and yellow books are already at my house, just waiting patiently for their turn. I had previously read books by the authors with the asterisks. Review posts are linked.

Laurie Halse Anderson*
Speak and others
Jesse Andrews
Cathleen Davitt Bell
Charles Benoit*
Fall from Grace
Sarah Rees Brennan
Anna Breslaw

Jennifer Donnelly
These Shallow Graves
Tim Federle
K. L. Going
Chris Grabenstein

Harriet Reuter Hapgood

Rachel Hawkins
Rebel Belle
Ellen Hopkins*     
A. S. King*
Reality Boy; Ask the Passengers
Justine Labalestier
Mercedes Lackey

Carolyn Mackler     
The Earth, My Butt, and other Bog Round Things
Kekla Magoon
Kory Merritt

Ridley Pearson*
Tamora Pierce*
Song of the Lioness 1-4
Gary Schmidt     
Steve Sheinkin
Lincoln's Grave Robbers
Alan Sitomer
No longer coming
Jessica Spotswood

Robin Talley

Mariko Tamaki
This One Summer
Janet B. Taylor

Terry Trueman*
Stuck in Neutral
Scott Westerfeld*
Uglies, Afterworld, Peeps
Suzanne Young
Hotel Ruby

Jeff Zentner

So, if I manage to get through just what I have in my possession right now, I will be short 5 books.

I’d like to also make a shout out to the authors who are on this list that I have loved since before: Laurie Halse Anderson (who I’ve met in person (self- five)) and Scott Westerfeld at my secret best friends. Ridley Pearson co-wrote Peter and the Starcatchers series which I loved! I have big plans for his Kingdom Keeper series. Also, A.S. King joined my top favorite authors last year when I discovered her through the RocTBF2015 challenge.

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