Monday, May 16, 2016

Bout of Books 16 - Recap Post

I used my first Bout of Books readathon challenge to support my Teen Book Festival Challenge goal. While I did not end up reading each author that was at the Rochester TBF (I WAS SHORT BY THREE PEOPLE, DAG- NABBIT!!), I did read a butt ton and got pretty close.

Total Pages: 3218
That is based on the standard page count of each book. I’m estimating 220 pages for The Port Chicago 50.

Number of Books: 8.5
Four of those were audiobooks. I had already read most of Robin Hood prior to the challenge. I also started a book that I did not finish yesterday. Below is the books I finished during the readathon.

Twitter Chats: 1
For some reason, I could just not get my shit together enough to participate! Definitely an area of growth for next time.

Daily Challenges: 6
I did all of the daily challenges except for Saturdays. Saturday I was at TBF so hardly engaged at all with anything else.

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  1. Great job! You definitely slayed this readathon and read so much!

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