Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Book Review: Santa Muerte by Lucina Stone

So, last month I posted a Themed Thursday post about bad- ass women monster killers. Super fun post to write, by the way. Check it out... Anyway, in response to that I was offered a copy of Santa Muerte to read and review because it seemed up my ally. Free book? Have opinions? Yes, please!

So, the Goodreads summary is mad long, go find it [here.] Once you've read that you can come back here and I can give you the real story.

- Jeopardy Theme Song- 

Alright, this book is about Daniela, who has, despite being the product of a weird one night coupling thing (sure to come up again, I'll bet), lived a pretty charmed life with two highly successful moms. However, she's dissatisfied with her life, her choices, and her abusive boyfriend. The story follows Daniela, after she is thrust back in time by an unknown process, and her two moms/ extended family, who are still here in the present time. Actually, it's a little bit into the future, 2030, which allows for a little bit of an advancement in the tech we currently have. One of her moms, Emma (birth mom) decides to reengage with her own mother because she knows that there is something a little supernatural about her family's ability to solve problems. The relationship between Emma and her mother is strained to say the least.

So, Daniela is in 1923 at a time when being "colored" was frowned upon and being a woman was under- appreciated. She finds friendship in a girl whose home life sucks and meets a man from god-knows-when who wants god-know-what. The reader is told that this dude is a "bloodletter." Not good!

Anyway, this book has all my favorite things: bad ass chicks, witches, grave robbing, women in charge of awesome and powerful groups of other women, lesbians, Mexicans and some Mexican folklore, tattooed ladies, shape- shifters, ghosts, and time travel that is not too sci-fi-y. There's also a bit of gender and race stuff that makes it feel real-ish and makes the characters a bit deeper and the tension of the history between the characters is well done. There are no trust- worthy men, which always bothers me. Men are either useful or abusive in the lives of these women. There's one dude who is abusive but his abuse is out of mercy. ::eye roll:: So, if there is to be cross- sex romance it will either be with new male characters or abusers, which is a tricky corner to be painted into.

There is A LOT happening within these 200 pages. You've got witches, the Ku Klux Klan, demons (maybe), secrets, and a solar powered cell phone. The story is fast- moving and interesting. It's an intriguing story and there's plenty going on. Daniella, herself, is the worst of the characters but I bet she becomes more than she thought she ever could be as her story continues.

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