Friday, February 12, 2016

Mini Book Review: Notes from the Internet Apocalypse

I waited too long to review this book for it to be meaningful to me or to have any special memories of it. It was a busy week because the show I was in opened. What? You want to know about the show? Ok! I play a middle management overseer of mythical creatures, basically. I'm basically chastising and threatening a Cupid who is overzealous with his arrows of love. Three very different people come out and tell their stories as evidence of Cupid's ineptitude. It's a super fun Valentine's Day show. But the involvement in other things is, as usual, cutting into my reading time. So, I've only been reading via audiobooks during commute to/from work and the theater.

Ok, on to the mini-review for 
Notes from the Internet Apocalypse by Wayne Gladstone

This is a different kind of apocalypse story.
There are no zombies, there's been no virus or sandy dust sprinkled all over every one. In fact, there is really no explanation. The internet just stops. Everything else is just as it has been. And why not, the main dudes think: Let's go look for it.  I liked this book more than any self- respecting 30 something year old should have, according to the what people are saying on Goodreads. It should be important to me that the author writes for Cracked and is, himself, an internet- funded sort of guy. It's true that the story's satire of the internet- bound isn't anything "new" but why would we expect it to be? The messages in this story aren't revolutionary, but they are worth considering. Again. You've undoubtedly considered them before.

The fictionalized Gladstone is trying to figure out how to navigate with humanity again after the loss of his wife, and suddenly, there is also no internet. Can he find it? More importantly, would finding the internet make him happy? Will whiskey? And how will we solve arguments without Google. Really, that is the most important question of all.

There's a reason why I don't read reviews before I read a book. It's a quick, interesting- enough read. I was interested in the characters and finding out where the story was going. There are, apparently, two sequels. I think it was good enough to at least see what's up with the second one.

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