Monday, January 25, 2016

Bookish- Blogger Blog Post Topics: Gimme Ideas!

I'm still working this whole blogger thing out. I love reading books and posting book reviews. But I also enjoy posting about other things... though, everything tends to be book related. It seems like blogging only reviews would also be boring for people who read blogs regularly, too.

What's my point? My point is, I sometimes have a hard time coming up with post ideas separate from book reviews... I actually think about ideas I really like when I'm doing something else (e.g., driving a car, falling to sleep, taking a shower) and then totally lose the thread when it's time to post! I know other's experience this. I'm not just OLD!

So, this post is really a place for me to put ideas for topics. It will be updated as I think of other things. 
  1. Three blogs I follow/ love
  2. What are important things to consider when reviewing a book
  3. Book club structure and book picking procedure (I'm into Book Clubs!)
  4. Updates on current reading challenges
  5. Recaps or summaries of completed reading challenges
  6. How much do The Feels matter in my book rating
  7. Favorite book- related device apps
  8. Response to an interesting blog post someone else posted
  9. What characters do I really connect with in books?
  10. What tropes do I love/ hate? For example, I both love and hate the "hot broken boy next door."
  11. What's a popular reader opinion I agree/ disagree with?
  12. How do I think that book to movie adaptation is?
  13. Recommend some books to specific people (who ask, or who don't!)
  14. Review bookish- activities/ events?
  15. Talk about how to share a love of books locally
  16. What it's like to reread a book at a different point in my life (BACK FIRE WARNING)
  17. Top 5 books/ characters/ settings of all time
  18. What have been my favorite posts that I've written?
  19. Do a book picture challenge on Tumblr
  20. Thoughts about local library tour

Please feel free to add your ideas in the comments... and also: where do you get your non- book review blog post ideas from?


  1. 10, 11 and 16 are great - maybe I relate to 16 because I'm a firm believer in rereading (which, according to the post about the HG you linked above, you're not). Maybe doing a series of themed posts where you put a few books together and talk about what connects them? I don't know if I'm making sense...Or (if you are interested in something not-book related for a change) posts about favourite TV series? I do them myself from time to time. Not sure if they bring traffic but I enjoy doing them.

    1. Good idea! I do have a few posts (only one that is already published and two that are scheduled for publish over the next two weeks) that are "themed." The first one was books about books. The next one to post is Adult series worth binge reading. It posts tomorrow. I'm going to try to keep that going. Maybe a monthly thing? I think reviewing other media is a good idea, too... but I don't really do other media... LOL.