Thursday, January 28, 2016

Three on a Theme: 3 Series to Binge - Adult Edition

I haven't done a Three on a Theme in a while so I will just jump right in!


The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon - This series of books have been turned into a cable series with a hot guy who gets nekkid. Just to let you know, the book's sex scenes rely much more on the reader's imagination than the show seems to. I have watched several of the show's Youtube clips over and over and over and over for research purposes. It looks pretty good. I might break my "no watching" rule for this one, y'all.

I think that the first season of the show follows the first book of the series, which is pretty massive, let me tell you. The story is about Claire, a combat nurse in the 1940's who is transported back in time to 1743's, where guys are WAY hotter and she has to marry the first sexiest guy she sees. She also keeps running into men that look like and are related to the husband she left behind. Various awesome and terrible things happen to her as you can imagine as well as to the people who are quickly becoming her family. Because of her "I'm from the future" thing, she knows things and some of the story is focused on what she is going to do about that. Should she try to change the outcome of historical events? ::shrug:: I have completed the second book of this, to wit, 8 book series. There are also at least two books that are between the books, like Book 8.5, or whatever that madness is, as well as a confirmed 9th book in the works! The first two books were very interesting, especially given the setting (Scotland, France, Ireland, London) and there is a lot of action. There are, however, spots that drag a little and sometimes the level of historical detail requires me to go into brief dissociative episodes. This series is a COMMITMENT due to it's length as well as the books' lengths (around 800+ pages). I'm definitely interested in sticking with both Claires (from both time periods) but will probably do so gradually over time. I also might decide to abandon the books and watch the show (No, I CANNOT DO BOTH). Either way, I'll likely review a few more Youtube clips. For a friend. 

I have read a couple of Richelle Mead's YA books. Gameboard of the Gods was listed under Romance and my library, though I think Fantasy would be better. Here we've got some sort of genetically/ chemically enhanced female military/ body guard and a scoundrel of a man (also near perfect genetically) she has to protect. I think you know what happens between them and you can probably guess that they don't want to talk about it. There are many interesting aspects to the story including a lot of social caste system stuff. You've got the lilly white proper- speaking rich people, the military, and the people who still believe in their primitive religions and gods... who just happen to be recruiting powerful people to their teams. But what game are they playing? Despite the fact that your predictions are absolutely correct about how the basic story goes, I've already checked out the second one from the library.

Breakdown by Jordon Quattlebaum - There's really no cute multi- cover graphic for this series. It's released via Amazon for Kindle in 40-page snippets. Not to repeat my previous post too much, but it's about how a regular, slightly loser-ish dude handles the downfall of technology and the humans around him who basically break the world farther down into The Lord of the Flies in the first few days afterwards. It's well- written and feels real. If I had any plan to survive a world without working toilets I would definitely take notes. It's up to episode 8, of which I've read 5, and each episode leaves you ready for more.


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