Sunday, December 27, 2015

Book Review: Breakdown by Jordon Quattlebaum

So, I have mentioned before that I met three of the Dapper Press guys at Book Riot Live. As a related aside, if you haven't been over to the Dapper Press website you should head on over. It's pretty neat. They come up with book - related ideas and projects and the common folk like you and I get to throw in our two- cents. 


Breakdown is a Post-apocalyptic Serial Adventure. 
It's released in "episodes" via kindle through for about a buck each with the episodes being about 40 pages. This printed version is the first 5 episodes. The story starts pretty quickly, with our main dude Thom Monroe breaking down on the side of the road right before hell breaks loose.

So, we are at the moment of Apocalyptic breakdown. And Thom's car breaks down... heh heh... the title of the book... but I digress. There are three primary character voices through the first five episodes: Thom, his daughter (Anna), and his new friend, John. 

What I like about this book is the realistic - ness, if that can be a word for a second. This could be happening right now. Thom is an every day man trying to deal with an every day life that kind of sucks. His wife has died and he's lost his job and his daughter is away at college. There are people who are more prepared and people who have lost their minds. This is probably how the downfall of technology is actually going to hit people. I hope I'm dead at the time. 

This book gives you the sense that you should INDEED be packing up a few survival kits. It also made me think of an article I read recently about how old zombie movies had an educational element to them: what do do and not to do if the ZA broke out. This book reads, too, like a fictionalized survival manual. Apparently, Jordon Quattlebaum is into that sort of stuff.

The action is quick, the pace is lively, each episode ending with a "and now what?" vibe so you're ready for the next one. I'm on the fence about whether I will start getting the serials or wait until the next "bulk" one comes out. I'm not too good with ongoing series. I'm a binge - er. But this is definitely on my list to keep following.


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