Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Meet the Boss

I've noticed that most of the blogs that I visit have an About Me page other than the lame one offered through the host site. Technically, I didn't really notice it, myself. I was actually reading someone else's blog that pointed out that most blogs have one... and THEN I noticed. And who am I to shuck a tradition in blogging?

I'm Kenya. I'm a "30 - something" mother of two teens who lives in a suburb of Rochester, NY. I guess 30- something is generous... I'm more like "late- 30's." My 18 year old just moved out to stay with her grandparents in Dallas for while. I miss her like hell but know that she needed some grown-up space for herself. My 15 year old is a smart- alecky book nerd who is getting more active at school and drives me bat shit crazy. I don't know what I'd do without her to keep me humble.


I both love and hate Rochester. I love my job. I hate the weather. We're no where near extended family... which is a pro and a con. My life is actually pretty awesome. I spend most of my days doing things that I really like doing with people I really like. I drink too much coffee, I rarely exercise and I don't sleep enough. What's not to love! 

I've always been a reader but have really been able to become an extreme reader and maybe just "a little over the top bookish" over the last couple of years, since my kids are older and my career has settled down a bit. My partner recently told me that he thinks I'll be "over my book thing" soon, but I don't see it happening. 

I tend to read a lot of Young Adult books. This is probably because I have the attention span of a teenager and YA books tend to move quickly and have more action. But I enjoy a wide range of books, really. I decided to start blogging because it seems like fun. Writing about the books I read also helps me remember the books for longer. I kind of get book amnesia and source confusion BIG TIME about a month after reading a book.

I tend to blog my reviews for books that I liked, rather than those I didn't care as much for, though I am trying to get better about at least leaving a few thoughts on the Goodreads review for all books. For small press books, I also try to remember to post a review on one vendor site, usually Please feel free to contact me through this blog, my Twitter, or my Goodreads accounts with review requests. 

I've been off from work following a surgery from the end of November 2015 until the first week of January, which means I've been able to spend more time with the blog than I would have otherwise. I'm hoping I keep up some momentum when I go back to work. But life happens. Here's a post about what I'm doing when I'm not reading.  

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