Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Why #NaBloPoMo?

You remember how Forrest Gump kept saying "Stupid is as stupid does?" That's the same thing with being a writer and/or a blogger. Writer's write. Just like runners run, and teachers teach. Sometimes I like to tell people I'm a runner. As a joke. A big inside joke. With myself. 

Anyway, I do actually want to be a writer I want to be a writer (a blogger, really, I guess) but it's hard to find the time, the energy, the inspiration. I try and commit myself to different things that will force me to be accountable for the things I want to do that are hard for me to do. For example, I am participating in a weekly Wellness group at work. We talk about different strategies for eating better, being more active, blah blah blah. I don't really have any goals, except that it makes me be more AWARE of how the choices I am making are completely against my goal of not dying an excruciating diabetic death. Similarly, in April I did a journaling class. We met about 6 times and it gave me that much time during the week to think about writing. I rarely did any of the between class assignments for either of those classes. It's like I tell my patients (I'm a psychologist), you wouldn't expect an antibiotic to work if you only took it once a month, why do you expect other changes to happen like that? 

Writing is a skill. Skills are developed and shaped and nurtured. You have to DO writing to be a good writer. Well, I think I am a good writer in some ways. But I'm not an efficient writer, or the kind of writer that can just come up with the right words right away. That takes practice and trial and error. SO much error. 

Writing is like any other thing you want to add to your life. You can't wait for the time. You have to make the time. I'm hoping that NaBloPoMo helps me make the time and inspires me to spend that time on something I love.

Here's a great little blog post Leo BaBauta that i like to read every now and then. Just to stay on track.  

And check out this pic that says it all! From this blog. 

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  1. I love this post! I, myself need a push here, nudge there. I joined #nablopomo to keep me focused. Keep it up!