Friday, November 27, 2015

Post- Op #NaBloPoMo

Captain's log: the decision to not pick up the Percocet on the way home from the hospital was a bad one. I hate Percocet but I hate pain more and coughing hurts like a bitch. It was also a bad decision to eat so much food, yesterday. But Thanksgiving is the over-eater's holiday, is it not? Can't let a little thing like surgery and agony get in the way! And the Mac and cheese was calling my name. Like a soft smokey cartoon hand.

Other bad planning decisions include: not stocking up on coffee and creamer and not twisting up my hair before surgery. It. Is. A. Hot. Mess. No pictures, please.

I finally watched The Boxtrolls; wasn't missing anything. The animation is cute, but I bet the book (Here Be Monsters by Alan Snow) is better. I've added it to my TBR list, which is farcical at best. 

On the plus side, I'm sitting up a little bit better and may be able to actually read today. I've been a little motion sick since surgery. I'm still working on The Child Thief. But may switch to something due back to the library sooner. Plenty of options, didn't forget to stock up at the library! My original plan had been to have no library books out so that I could focus on my books shelves. That would be a failed goal. 

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