Monday, November 2, 2015

NaBloPoMo: Busting down barriers

I cannot believe I've actually made it to DAY 2 for the NaBloPoMo thing! Usually Mondays are a hard day for me to blog because I'm at work from 8 to 8 and I've got a billion things I'm supposed to be doing. But I have 3 things get cancelled today. Yes!

So, consistent with a good goal- setting plan, I figured I'd post about the things I think will get in my way for posting every day this month and some ideas about how to make it happen anyway.

1. Time - This is a doozy for me. I work a full time job and a couple of little jobs on the side. But, I always find time to do things that are important to me. SO, I'm going to make the time each day by scheduling blog time in my calendar. Last month I was able to fit in play rehearsal for 10 -14 hours a week. I think I can make 30 minutes a day for blogging. I am likely to fall off the NaBloPoMo wagon for at least a week, the week of Thanksgiving, because I'm having surgery. I'm going to cut myself some slack that week. So, really, my goal is to be flawless for 23 days. Which is still the longest I've ever stuck to a challenge. This weekend might be hard because I'll be at Book Riot Live. AAAHHH!! I'm so excited about that!! But I'm going to have to be extra on top of things to blog. I might "pre-write" them on Thursday... hmmm... something to consider.

2. Equipment - I hate my laptop. More accurately, I hate my laptop at home. It seems to work perfectly fine when I am elsewhere. Anyway, when I have something electronic to do, I usually do it at work or at the library. I also have an iPad at home. So, I will need to schedule blog time during a time I can use the equipment I prefer or get more comfortable with typing on the tablet. 

3. I forget. Seriously. I'm going to put a reminder on the events in my calendar. 

4. "Writer's Block": This one is a little silly because of all the prompts that are available online to use. I also have a list of potential topics that I add to when the mood strikes me. So... I'm going to either come up with my own brilliance. Or stand on the shoulders of others.

I'm sure other things will come up, but these are my biggest ones, the ones that get in the way of most changes I shoot for. Here's to overcoming barriers! Good luck, bloggers!

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