Sunday, November 1, 2015

NaBloPoMo: Because I like to join things

I have never in my life completed a 30-day challenge of anything, NaNoWriMo, fitness challenges, increased water consumption. Nothing. Though, I have joined many. Many, many. But National Blog Post Month, which is actually hosted every month by is definitely going to be different! Probably.

Feel free to cheer me on on Twitter. And yell at me. #NaBloPoMo

Other Bookish stuff I'll be doing instead of the work I'm supposed to be doing:

Tower Teams IV: a challenge on Goodreads where small groups get together and shoot to get to 25,000 points before the other teams by reading and posting book discussions. I'm co-captain of a team... I haven't really figured out what that means, yet. But, GO TEAM Bastet!!

14- in-4 Challenge: I started a personal challenge with a friend of mine last year where we each try to read books from 14 categories. We have each added friends and families to the FB group and start the third (fourth) challenge today! I define the categories... mostly because I have control issues... and good ideas!! 

Here's the list if you want to make some recommendations for me!
  1. Read a book from one of the US banned book lists. Here’s a place to start: 
  2. That you already own but have never read.
  3. That was recently selected by a local library for book discussion.
  4. A book about books, libraries or librarians.
  5. A book where one of the characters has the same (or similar) job as you do.
  6. Written by an author of a different racial, religious or ethnic background that you are.
  7. A book with a child on the cover
  8. A book that it seems everyone has read except you
  9. A book with “Fall” (or Autumn) or “Winter” in the title
  10. A microhistory
  11. A book recommended to you by someone
  12. A book written this year (whichever year you’re reading)
  13. A book where the same vowel appears in the title at least 5 times
  14. A book with a holiday theme

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