Sunday, November 8, 2015

Missing #NaBloPoMo Posts, Blame Book Riot!

I'm in NYC this weekend attending Book Riot Live, a great new readers gathering. Panel discussions, books, swag, nerds.  I'm staying in an AirBnB room with no computer/ no internet. Plus, last night we did a bookstore crawl and didn't get back until after the midnight mark. I say all this to justify my absent blog post from yesterday and why this one is just a piddly little nothing. I'll catch up! NoBloPoMo is alive and well in my heart! 

My post tomorrow will likely be about the event, but some highlights:

Laurie Halse Anderson hugged me.
Jason Reynolds makes me goose pimply.
I got 3 new bookish pouches.
Tacos in NYC are sometimes better than the pizza.
My feet hurt!

See you all back when I'm upstate. The ACTUAL upstate, not Westchester. 

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