Monday, November 9, 2015

Meredith's Book Club 2015 (#NaBloPoMo)

I'm posting twice today to make-up for my missed NaBloPoMo post on Saturday.

I've already posted about how I have a few book clubs that I am variably involved with. The one that I have with a group of friends is my PRIMARY book club. We are at the end of our second year! Whoot! We have gotten way better at actually talking about the books. I think we have also gotten better and picking books that more than one person might like... well, some of us have gotten better at that. Anyway, here're some high and low lights... from one member's perspective: Mine. Duh.

Big Magic was the most recent book club pick and the only one that I didn't read. I don't really enjoy non-fiction, inspirational stuff, or self help kinds of books, in general. Luckily. I was also out of town the week that this was scheduled, so that gave me an excuse to not read the book. I bought it for my Kindle, though. So, you never know. Maybe hell will freeze over.  Just kidding, Merrill. I had planned to read it and might still. 

I picked Purple Hibiscus in October. I probably would have only given it 3 stars if not for the really good discussion the group had about it. That made it worth an extra star because it was at least provocative enough to get us talking about the different perspectives, cultures, and beliefs of the characters in the book. 

Landline was a favorite of mine. I don't think it's considered YA, exactly. Is it? Maybe. Either way, it's about a woman who gains a better understanding of her life after getting a glimpse of her past from a different angle. That might not be what it's about at all, but that's how I remember it. 

And TOP pick of the year of this group... drum roll... What Alice Forgot. I can't remember who picked it, maybe Stacey, but it was a really interesting idea to think about looking at your life now from the eyes of yourself, 10 years ago. 

Boom! I'm NaBloPoMo current!!


  1. We should discuss that in December. What was everyone's favorite book this year?