Sunday, November 29, 2015

Emergency #NaBloPoMo Post!!

I've got 13 minutes to get this bad boy "published" and no idea what topic to chat about.

Ooo. How about an update on my 14 - in-4 Book Challenge. This is my third one and I am determined to read a book for each category this time. See my Time 1 (Winter 2014) and Time 2 (Spring 2015) posts for the previous attempts. You would think it would be easy since IM THE ONE THAT MAKES THE CATEGORIES!

So, I've read 6 books for this current challenge, with started on the first of this month. (SIX MINUTES!) even though I will probably change some of the books around depending on how things go with other books.

2. *Mathilda Savitch (dont recommend. at all.)
6. *Ready Player One (old school gamer geeks will love)
7. Octavian Nothing (meh)
8. Reconstructing Amelia (good, kinda pissed me off)...

11. *Apocalypticon (good)
13: Queen of the Tearling (Loved)

Starred books have been reviewed on this blog.

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