Monday, November 9, 2015

Book Riot Live 2015 (#NaBloPoMo)

Book Riot is a web-based community for readers and writers. They offer lots of podcasts, and articles, and stuff. I mostly like their book swag and their listy kind of articles and often look at the recommendations for upcoming books. This year, there was a live event in NYC, which is why I missed my NaBloPoMo post on Saturday... I guess that made it a NaBloNOPO!! Ha! Anway, I just got back this afternoon. It was an excellent time of books, authors, and booknerds. The only thing that could have made it better would have been if there had been wifi in the venue (how can a web- based group not offer wifi??), if water/ snacks were offered (it was a whole day event), and if a giant bug hadn't crawled across the wall at my AirBnB room; he didn't survive to update his blog of his experience of our encounter. I'm hoping that, if the Book Riot peeps make it an annual event, it moves around and it's in NYC every time. 

Metropolitan West was the venue. It's located right across from the new Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum. 

We really lucked out with the weather; the first day everyone was carrying around coats and sweaters they thought they were going to need, but November was like: HA!! Y'all don't even know me!!

There were two Happy Hours at the famous Strand Book Store and there was also a book crawl that was put together by some of the attendants. Let's just say I spent too much money on that book crawl. And at the Strand, and at the event, in general.

Friday night drinks at The Strand. #RareBookRoom
Book Crawl map. 
Margaret Atwood was the major guest of honor, so obviously there was a tattoo chain of the first two chapters of The Handmaid's Tale, technically one of my least favorite books in history. Here's my part of the tattoo. Can't say I'm not a joiner!
It's about bread. I looked it up. 

Other cool stuff:  
Some purchases are like duh. 
All the books I have to add to my #TBR list. 
Book store people are the cleverest. 
An awesome mango chipotle margarita thing (w/ a sassy napkin.)

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