Monday, November 16, 2015

More Me! Getting to Know You Questions- Goodreads Challenge Post (#NaBloPoMo)

Lucky you! Another getting to know you #NaBloPoMo post
This one also comes curtesty of my Goodreads Novel Books and Reading Challenges group: Team Bastet. (This challenge is intense, y'all!)

Getting to Know You Questions - 2

1.Do the TV shows you watch resemble the books you read? (Example ; watchingLaw&Order SVU and Criminal Minds, and reading Mystery and psychological thrillers.)

I don't watch a lot of TV. Usually, I have just a couple of shows that I keep up with as they are running, right now that's The Librarians and The Walking Dead. And I have a couple of shows that I binge when the season is complete: Supernatural and Once Upon a Time. I take the same approach to comic, I only follow a few in single issues but I follow more in trade paperbacks.

To actually answer the question, I guess it would have to be yes. The kinds of stories that I like cross media. I enjoy books about books and bookish people (The Librarians);  zombies, dystopian communities, and apocalypses (The Walking Dead); fairy tales (OUAT), and the supernatural (Supernatural).

2.If you could have any character from a book as a best friend, who would you choose, from what book, and why?

This one is kind of hard. I don't really think I have one. If I had to pick, though, my #BookBestie is probably Hermione from HP, if I'm going to be like everyone else in the world!

3.What book has been on your TBR shelf the longest?

According to Goodreads, It's running with Scissors. It was, apparently, the first book I added when I joined in 2009. I'm sure there are books that I have wanted to read for longer than that.

4.If you had to pick one author to take out on a date, who would you choose and why?

It would probably be Neil Gaiman, Neal Shusterman, Maggie Steifvater, or Daniel Jose Older. Someone whose work I enjoy but also those authors I follow online mostly because of their people-ness, opinions, and personality. And Mr. Older's arms. Obviously. (His wife probably likes them, too.)

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