Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Book Review: The Fair Fight by Anna Freeman

The official summary is:
The Fair Fight is about a girl who grows up in a brothel (a fancy word for a place men go to have sex with the ladies for money) and becomes a boxer until she gets hurt. It’s also about a woman who has to marry a man she doesn’t love and who doesn’t love her, and about a man who loves himself more than the people he’s sleeping with. Their lives crash together with fists, bloody brawls, and pregnant bellies everyone learns something in the end.

Really, The Fair Fight is about a girl, her brother, and her brother’s boyfriend. It’s also about a girl, her sister, her mother, and her husband. It’s also about learning to be a woman, to love someone who’s hard to love, to stop being a doormat to someone who’s not worth loving, to be a friend, to survive when no one cares if you do.

My first Goodreads update while reading this book was not hopeful. The book was feeling endless and I was mostly disinterested in the characters. I think part of my problem was because the story starts with Ruth, whose language is heavy with the common slang of her impoverished neighborhood. This made the book a little hard to get into at first and Ruth hard to connect with. Once the stories started mingling together, it picked up. The scenes are well described and the characters seem realistic. There were still parts that seemed to drag or seemed mostly for show and to add pages to this beast of a tome.

My final Goodreads post: this book took a bit of getting used to. Solid story, a few twists. Good characters and an easy villain. A solid read.

If you are looking for a story focused on girls boxing or “the Female Fight Club,” you’re going to be disappointed.

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