Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Comics I'm All about Right Now (Book Review)

There are some days when I'm just not in a novel mood... like, not in the mood for a novel... But I'm always in the mood for a good story and pretty pictures. Enter: Comic Mode. 

Fables #150 hit stands this month. Interestingly, it's long enough in and of itself to also be the 22nd trade paperback, wrapping up the whole shebang. The cover opens to reveal a beautiful spread across the back for anyone nuts enough to break the binding on a book... who does that!? Fables has been the only one since Strangers in Paradise that I have collected in complete single issue format (with the exception of two trades when I got behind following a relocation). The books tell the story of all of the fables you know and love and their attempt to fight multiple adversaries, not the least of which is being forgotten by the real world. I love(d) this series and am sad to see it go. I was pleased to have most of the side characters get a little stories of their own in the last few issues. (I also love one of the spin off series: Fairest, and will be collecting the TPBs. The Jack of Fables spin off series, less so.) Also, check out the art work. You need this in your life.

Jason Shawn Alexander, who according to his twitter photo, is not bad to gawk at, writes and lends a talented artistic hand to Empty Zone. Issue 3 hit shelves last week and I haven't been to pick it up, yet. #NoSpoilers. I am decidely slow on the uptake with new series/ books but I really had zero idea what was going on in Book 1. Book 2 added a little context to the dark and gritty story so I don't feel quite so lost among the ghosts, hallucinations, and half cyborg- bad ass chick main character. I'm excited to see where it's going. 

Jeremy Haun offers a new book about an STD that makes the infected beautiful. The Beauty Issue 1 was out on August 12th and offered 3 different covers. I wrestled myself in the aisle (embarrassing!) and only bought my favorite one. The book asks you to consider if you would get infected to be beautiful? And at what cost. It's not clear what the final cost is for those in the book, yet. One of the most compelling elements of the story is the reaction of those who are not infected. We all know everyone harbors a bit of hatred for the prettiest boy or girl in the room. Mr. Haun has also started a campaign to raise awareness for the book that highlights positive body- image. And obviously, since it's 2015, there's a hashtag. Find out more here. And then look below for my STD free face... #TeamSafeSex!

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