Saturday, August 1, 2015

Book Review: Dust of 100 Dogs Review - Cherry Popped

Writing reviews is hard work! I'm not even sure how to go about it. What I've been doing is just to have little bits of my thoughts for a group of books after I've finished them, like this. That's pretty easy because I don't really have to think too hard to come up with a few lines... but on one of my last posts, I realized that I had really enjoyed quite a few of the recent books I've read and I kind of wanted to spend more time with them... is that weird? Didn't think so.

I think I might start with only reviewing books that I really liked. That seems easier. I'm going to try an easy one, first: an older book by a 
favored YA author, A.S.King's The Dust of 100 Dogs. I just recently read it because Ms. 15 (my younger kid) checked it out from the library.

Here's the summary bit.
The year is 1800 and something; Emer Morrisey is living a hard life. She is situations she has to escape from, like, every two minutes. After making a name for herself as a pirate, she is just about the escape to a life of luxery with her true love and BAM!! She's cursed to live the life of 100 dogs before returning to human form with all of her memories in tact. My guess is that this is a book intended for the middle grades and older even though there's some major adult content, including murder and pillaging... and one not- exactly- consensual- sex scene. Because, you know... Pirates!

This seems like I'm giving the whole thing away, right? And maybe I am, I'M NEW TO THIS, REMEMBER! But no. The book is full of action and a compelling story. We see Emer as her suffering orphaned self and as the modern teen she is now, trying to get back to her treasure. I was thrust along the story wondering and hoping for what would be waiting for her when she reached Jamaica. In between all those parts are humorous Dog Facts and glimpses into Emer's life as a canine. While these glimpses were definitely cute, sometimes they were just distractions and I had to skip them and come back later... guilty! Don't act like you don't do that!

This was another solid offering from King (though it doesn't usurp Ask the Passengers). A quick read, filled with action and the draw of baddies who aren't too bad. Plus, if you don't like Lady Pirates, you're as good as dead to me!

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