Monday, July 20, 2015

So Many Books, So Much Paperwork (Outbox July 20, 2015)

I must be really busy at work, because I've read a lot lately. I tend to use reading as a way to not do work things... or maybe as a distraction... whatever. On the other hand, many of these really do deserve their own, better review (maybe, I'll do that... unlikely) rather than my usual summary outpost list. So, maybe I was also able to read a lot because I was reading a lot of good stuff. That makes them just fly by!
Books, flying by... (from:

I continue to LOVE LOVE LOVE The Ascendance Trilogy novels by Jennifer Nielson. I think I expressed my disagreement that these are "middle grade" books when I posted about the first one. Again, I have no idea how these things are decided. This one had less torture, so maybe it's for elementary kids!! Adventure, fun, and oh so many feels. Also, it makes me realize that as much as the romance, kissy kissy stuff annoys me in books, I totally miss it when it's missing... of course, I think the kids in this book are 14... so, there really is no rush to the sucking face scene, I guess. 

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty was a book pick for Book Club. I liked it more than I thought I would. It's about a lady who gets a bump on her head and totally forgets the last ten years of her life, which happens to include the birth of her children, her impending divorce, and what a total bitch she has become.

Dime! OMG. Heartbreaking. I wish it was farther from real life. 

Here's the review I posted on Goodreads for The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry: " Walk, walk walk; think, think, think. Reflect, regret, recycle." It wasn't bad. The stars means that I like it. meh. This was another book club pick. I think it will lend itself well to discussion... so, if that's what you're going for...  

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