Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mediocrity on Fleek (14n4 Spring 2015 Book Challenge Recap)

My 14 books in 4 months book challenge is coming to a close. I didn't hit the goal this time, either! Apparently, 12 is my sweet spot. I read well over the 14 books but I have a hard time focusing on the categories until the last month. Plus, the first month of the challenge overlapped with my TBF2015 Challenge, which I also ended one book short. Maybe "almost made it" is going to be my thing.

The important thing is that Nicole cowers in the face of my superiorness in regards to reading challenges. As expected.

Highlights from the challenge (that I haven't already mentioned in other posts, which are linked):

Throne of Glass was a surprise hit, because I wasn't expecting it to be that great. Partially this is because of the amount of hype it gets, but I guess sometimes the masses know what they're talking about. I guess.

Jurassic Park was SOO GOOD. And I love the movie... Apparently, the appropriate formula is Movie Then Book; Book Then Movie makes me slightly stabby.

How to Build a Girl is a great audio book. I laughed like an idiot on some parts.

I'm not counting Story of a Happy Marriage. I haven't finish it either way, but it's also not quite self help. It's a collection of essays that Ann Patchett wrote about becoming a writer. It's good. I'll definitely get back to it.

Read a book from one of the US banned book lists.

The basis for a movie that you have already seen.
Jurassic Park -
Michael Creighton
A graphic novel (or trade paperback).
That you already own but have never read.
Throne of Glass -
Sarah J. Maas
That was recently selected by a local library for book discussion.
With a character that has your first name.
Delicious Foods -
James Hannaham
Set in the decade you were born.
Rachel Joyce
In one calendar day. (Must be at least 150 pages long)
Crash Into You -
Katie McGarry
Set in a place you’ve never been but want to visit.
How to Build a Girl - Caitlin Moran
Written by an author of a different racial, religious or ethnic background that you are.
The Living -
Matt de la Pena
A National Book Award, Man Booker Prize or Pulitzer Prize winner from the last decade
Written by someone when they were under the age of 25
White Teeth -
 Zadie Smith
A retelling of a classic story (e.g., fairy tale, Shakespeare, classic novel, etc)
Scarlett -
AC Gaughen
A self- improvement book
**Story of a Happy Marriage (in progress)-
Ann Patchett

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