Thursday, July 2, 2015

I think I used to be a cool kid... (Outbox July 3, 2015)

I was at home for the evening when I realized there were still two hours left for the library to be open. You would have thought I was a kid going to the damn fair the way I jumped up and hot tailed it up here. I really am a nerd. Sometimes I surprise even me.

June is over and done with. Does anyone else feel like the months are just flying by!? Maybe it's just me...

Check out this righteous new t-shirt I got for the 4th. I nerd hard, y'all.

I've read 9 books since my last #outbox post.

The surprise hit of June, well, one of them, was The False Prince by Jennifer Nielson. It's always easier to be pleasantly surprised. Maybe my expectations were just low. This book was "recommended" to me by the Overdrive app. I Loved. It. It's about a young orphan who is forced into a sinister political plot. The title sort of gives the plot away. However, the story is interesting enough that all the expected happenings are compelling and interesting. This really is some YA at it's best, though I think it's actually meant to be middle grade... even with the torture, and stuff? I don't know who comes up with these classifications. Anyway, though. Unfortunately, the second installment (yep, trilogy) isn't available through Overdrive. I had to request it through the library the old fashioned way. Which I did. Immediately.

The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld made my Must Reads list. Apparently a recent theme for me has been prison-life as I recently read The Walls Around Us (EXCELLENT) and am currently reading Orange is the New Black. Delicious Foods (REALLY GOOD) might also count within the theme. Anyway, The Enchanted is told primarily from the point of view of a death row investigator and an inmate. It was beautiful and haunting and depressing and wonderful.

You by Charles Benoit would have gotten a bump up in stars if the ending wasn't one of these "but then what!?" sort of things. It's not as bad as Living in Neutral by Terry Trueman which almost sent me over the edge... but, let me not digress. And RAGE AROUND THIS LIBRARY.

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