Saturday, August 1, 2015

Comics I'm all about right now (Book Review)

Look, I know everyone has already heard of these titles, I've discovered nothing new, and I'm just latesplaining. But, I'm #nerdstalking all things related to these books. Luckily, I'm broke or I'd, at minimum, have my BitchPlanet NC tattoo by now... If you don't know what that is, be sad because I'm cooler than you. 
Let's start with Bitch Planet, currently on issue 4. It's a little Running Man (movie based loosely on the book by Stephan King) and a little bit Stepford Wives. Well, I've never actually read/ seen Stepford Wives. But the idea is that women are being "taken care of" for their sassyness and noncompliance by being arrested and sent to a detention planet, known colloquially as Bitch Planet, obviously. If you're female and into comics, you need to, at minimum, check out the first issue. And then get the tattoo. At minimum.

Batgirl: Burnside - So, I don't read single issues of comics that much. I limit myself to TPBs for my own good. Fables is the only one I actually follow with any regularity and I recently discovered about 20 duplicate single issues in various piles. So, anyway, when I saw this cover (TOTALLY CUTE) and that it said Volume One, I didn't realize that it actually collects issues 35 - 40 of the Batgirl series. It still rocked my face off. Barbara Gordon, duh, is a major wiz coming to terms with her alter bad ass being popular and then unpopular a la every other superhero story. But it's done with a few twists and some great extra characters. Plus Black Canary is there in all her high- pitched glory.

Fairy Quest: Outcasts - Granted. Fairy tale retellings are kinda my #bookcrack. This is a two shot series that is making me follow Humberto Ramos around the internet like a fucking shadow. And here's my new wallpaper at work. If you don't love these three panels, you are as good as dead to me.

Saga is driving me a little crazy. I've committed to this series in trade paper back form. This means that, since it's on ongoing series, I actually have to wait until it "trades up" before I can read it!! It's kind of killing me. Now, obviously, I could decide to start doing single issues, instead. But then I would have some trades and some singles. UNACCEPTABLE! Plus, it would require me to start paying enough attention to what I have and when new issues come out to 1) get them when they are available, 2) not duplicate what I already have. Again, I recently found out I duplicated an insane number of Fables comics.

You need a summary of Saga: Hot goat man (Marko) falls in love with hot winged chick (Alana) and the couple, along with their "I thought horned people and winged people couldn't procreate with each other" child become the enemy targets of both their respective people, some contract killers, and at least two ex- girlfriends. But check out the goat guy. Seriously. Oh, the two groups of people are at war, a bit of a Star Wars kinda influence according to the stuff I've read from the creators. Is that important? Check out the goat dude, again. There are also some people with TVs for heads, who have sex with each other... Trust me. Just read it.
All pics on this post were found via Google search of awesome things. I did not draw them and do not own them, though I love them as if they are part of my very soul.

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