Monday, June 29, 2015

On how I ripped off a Book Challenge (14 in 4 Update)

A friend of mine, Shawndawna (yep, real name, I don't know why she prefers to go by Nicole) and I wanted to do a book challenge. I'm not totally sure how the whole thing started but I'm almost positive that I likely threatened to kick ass and take names. I did a search online and found a few different challenge ideas but kind of landed on this one at Megan Stroup's blogspot from 2012.

I promptly modified it with a few different categories. I created a Fb book group so that Nicole and I could do so shit- talking Nerd-style. Then, we both started adding friends and reader-nutz. We are now on our second challenge, having completed one in Winter 2014.

There are two groups of people who are active in the group. There are those who are trying to read more who tend to read books that fit the challenge but struggle to read them all. Then there are those of us that read a butt-ton and struggle to read books that fit in the categories.

Of course, I think the important thing is that I am, indeed, kicking Nicole's ass.

My SPRING 2015 Challenge so far 

Ideas/ other options
Read a book from one of the US banned book lists.
The basis for a movie that you have already seen.
Jurassic Park
A graphic novel (or trade paperback).
Saga Volumes 1-4
That you already own but have never read.
Throne of Glass
That was recently selected by a local library for book discussion.
The Spectacular Now
With a character that has your first name.
Set in the decade you were born.
In one calendar day. (Must be at least 150 pages long)
Crash Into You
Set in a place you’ve never been but want to visit.
How to Build a Girl
Written by an author of a different racial, religious or ethnic background that you are.
The Living
A National Book Award, Man Booker Prize or Pulitzer Prize winner from the last decade
A Sense of an Ending (2011 winner)
Written by someone when they were under the age of 25
White Teeth
A retelling of a classic story (e.g., fairy tale, Shakespeare, classic novel, etc)
A self- improvement book

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Challenge: due in 8 days (#Inbox June 23,2015)

Of course, the books can be rechecked out, if needed, so there's not really a rush. But I'm taking some time off this week for an in-law visit. They're not going to be that entertaining... 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

In which I try a new sign off saying (Outbox: June 15, 2015)

 Hello. My name is Kenya and it's been 8 books since my last confession. I mean, #outbox post.  I did post about a few comic book reads, yesterday. How is the hell do people manage to post daily and/or about each book they read? I'm not sure I even own that many words in my wee noggin.

Anyway, I am not including on this list of books my near miss with Vampires in the Lemon Grove, a book of short stories that made me want to shove a needle in my eyeball. By that, I mean, I didn't care for it and abandoned it midway through short story number three. Maybe it got better after that. I'll never fucking know.

Alrighty, highlights of the outbox: 

Undertow was a great read. Looks like I gave it 5 stars. Wow. The main characters are a girl with some secrets and a foreign kid with some knife arms. Goodreads says: "Action, suspense, and romance whirlpool dangerously in this cinematic saga, a blend of District 9 and The Outsiders." I don't know what either of these two things are but I might look them up. I'd say that Undertow is a little Romeo and Juliet and a little... IDK... something were people are being marginalized and discriminated against because they are different. So, ya know... real life. But different. Just read the description for jibbas and jabbas! 

A Monster Calls was recommended to me by a friend I may never speak to, again. It's about a young boy who is visited by a monster who is formed from the Yew tree in the old graveyard outside the kid's window. As you can imagine of anyone with a graveyard outside their window, the boy is going through some serious stuff and the monster keeps babbling about the importance of stories. It full of wonderful descriptions and imagery. The whole thing is beautiful and heartbreaking and has earned my friend a spot on my "not to be trusted" list.

The Walls Around Us will probably graduate to my "favorites" shelf. It's about three girls all trapped in some way or another... I can't tell you too much. The way the story unfolds is really pretty awesome and kept me flipping pages until dawn.

Apparently, Leaving Time was the only non-YA book I read over the last two weeks... not counting that Vampire/ Lemon Grove nightmare. It started out a little slow but it's another one that was really so good. This is the fourth JP book I've read. Her topics are always so apparently varied, though the relationship theme is persistent, though that's probably true of most books. Anyhoo... this one weaves through the story background, information, and anecdotes about elephants. It's not clear, at first, how these relate to the story, which is one of the reasons why it seems to drag a little. But it more than makes up for it at the end with a classic JP WTF moment.

I need a good signoff thing... How about: Boss Out! 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Library is the Bad Guy Here (Outbox: June 2)

The library is a fucking trap. People are always talking about how they can't get out of Target with just the items they went in there for. I actually have my doubts that people go into Target with a plan at all, but I digress. I have a very clear plan/ directive. DO NOT CHECK OUT ANY MORE BOOKS! (Book club books obviously don't count.) This rule is in place when I have in excess of 20 books already checked out... if you add in the books I have on hold to be delivered... welp. You can see why I have rules. But then I have to turn in the books I already have checked out, and BOOM! There's a flashing beacon of light pointing to the NEW books or the FEATURED books or whatever. And have you ever noticed that the book return is located past a a bunch of "impulse" shelves. I swear, they are marketing geniuses working for Monroe County Library System! Long story short: my plan is totally junked. I sat down to write this to avoid checking out anything else!

Since my last blog, I've read 6 books. I'm trying to get better about varying my ratings, but I truly did really like them all. Jennifer Barnes was the surprise hit with Every Other Day. I don't know why I was surprised  because I really liked Raised by Wolves... which reminds me, I need to get the second one. Werewolf Cop was also surprisingly good for something with such a stupid title.

Beautiful Creatures was a bit of a disappointment. But I think that is because it was so hyped up when the movie came out. There really is a sweet spot for reading books after they become popular. I'm not in a hurry to complete this trilogy though I probably will eventually. I'm so glad that I got to Paper Towns when I did. It's about to tumble over the precipice of don't bother.

The Novice is a prime example of why you don't pick up a new book when you know it's part of a series. I've decided not to even think about it, again. This helps me avoid the angst of the wait.